Text Banking F.A.Q.


Everything you need to know about Text Banking

Text Banking is a free service offered to all First Bank customers. With Text Banking you can check your balance, view recent transactions and even transfer funds with a single text. In this article, we share answers to the most frequently asked questions about Text Banking.

How do I enroll?
If you aren’t currently enrolled in Text Banking, you can get started now by filling out our Text Banking Enrollment form. Once your submission is complete, our team will confirm your enrollment within one business day, and you will be up and running!

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What number do I text?
Once enrolled, simply send a text message command to 833.666.8122 and we will reply with the requested information within seconds. For example, you can type BAL plus the last 4 digits of your account number to request the balance from a specific account. See below for a complete list of text banking commands.

What can I do with text banking?
With Text Banking you can check your balance, view recent transactions, transfer funds between accounts, and more. Below is a list of available commands which can be used at any time to stay up to date with your finances. Commands are not case sensitive.

Texting HELP at any time will return a list of all available text commands.
Retrieve the available balance for all enrolled accounts. To request your available balance via Text Banking, simply type BAL [space] the last 4 digits of the account you wish to see the balance for. Sample Text: BAL 3465
Display the 5 most recent transactions for all enrolled accounts, listed with the last 4 digits of the account in question. To see your account history, type HIST [space] the last 4 digits of account you wish to see the transaction history for. Sample Text: HIST 3465
Transfer funds from one First Bank account to another. To conduct a transfer via text banking, text XFER plus the last 4 digits of the transfer from account [space] the last 4 digits of transfer to account [space] the amount you wish to transfer, without the dollar sign. Sample Text: XFER 1243 3465 25.00
Texting STOP at any time will suspend the Text Banking service entirely for your accounts.

The commands listed above are also available via our convenient Text Banking Commands (PDF) resource. Download the PDF to your phone to keep it handy when you’re on the go.

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